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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Museum "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" was created specifically for the centennial of the famous Austrian jewelry company Swarovski. Author Project Museum - famous Austrian designer, artist Andre Heller. The museum was opened in 1995. It is located in Wattens, in an underground cave. 

Entrance to the museum guards the giant head of the tales of Tyrol, framed grass, with huge eyes of green crystals and a waterfall that rushes down from the mouth of a giant. In the underground treasury can be accessed through a glass tunnel. 

The museum consists of 13 rooms, caves, each of which resembles a magical land of crystals. Museum walls are decorated with different sayings world-famous people, necessarily containing the word "crystal" or "crystal." Here you can see the smallest and most of the huge crystal crystals «Svarovski». The weight of this giant is about 310,000 carats. The smallest crystal can only be seen under a microscope. Its diameter - about 0.8 millimeters. Exhibits striking for its originality: it "potekshie" watch the artist Salvador Dali, made ​​of crystal, and the decoration of horse Indian maharajas and the wall 11 meters high, built of artificial crystals. 

In the room of the museum is a shop that sells jewelry copyrights. Before the structure is broken magnificent park with restaurant and children's playgrounds.   


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