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The Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - is one of the most scenic highways in the whole of Austria. It is located high in the mountains of the Alps and connects two parts of the country - Salzburg and Carinthia. Visit this unique place seeking tourists from around the world annually them here is more than nine thousand people.
Construction of the road began in 1930. In the original design, its width was only three meters. In 1930, August 30 was made ​​the first explosion of rock. Within four years, this road has passed on its first car driver - the head of government of Salzburg. And in 1935, held international automobile and motorcycle races Grossglockner Races.
The road is open from May to October and only during the day, the exact date of her work are defined depending on the weather conditions. You can get here by car from Salzburg, Munich and Innsbruck. Given the excellent quality of the Austrian road surfaces, the travel time will not make more than one and a half to two hours.
Should be aware that the road toll. However, anyone who dare to drive through it, certainly gets a lot of excitement! Here you can see the incredible scenery of the National Park Hohe Tauern mountain Grosglokkner, meadows, forests, glaciers. You can also visit the colorful local restaurants and enjoy traditional Austrian cuisine.

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