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Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Castle is a medieval fortress, preserved to this day. The castle was founded in Salzburg. On the orders of Bishop Gebhard I in 1077 was built the mighty citadel in the Romanesque architectural style. During the following centuries, the castle was rebuilt several times, and waxed strong, gradually turning into a mighty fortress. In the 16th century, the fortress was the total area of 30,000 square meters. 

A distinctive feature of the Hohensalzburg is that the castle was never taken by storm. However, during the Napoleonic wars Hohensalzburg was put up without a fight, because at that time lost its military significance. For many hundreds of years, the castle served as the residence of the archbishops reliable. It was also used as a barracks, where storages.

Today, visitors can stroll among the ancient fortifications. In the summer, the castle offers courses of the International Academy of Arts. 

To get to the castle Hohensalzburg can be a cable car stop located in the heart of Salzburg. If desired, you can reach the fortress on foot along the old road that connected the old days in the castle and the town.

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