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Eisriesenwelt Cave

Eisriesenwelt Cave

On the territory of the state of Salzburg in Austria, near the town of Werfen, the world's largest ice caveEisriesenwelt – is located. In German, it means: “the world of the ice giants.” The cave can be found inside Hochkogel Mount of the Tennen Mountains. The first time it was explored in 1879. After some time, excursions inside the ice cave were organised.

Today, the Eisriesenwelt is one of the main natural beauties in the Austrian Alps. Its ice cover doesn’t melt throughout the year, but in winter the cave entrance is closed due to the danger of avalanches. Inside the cave, you’ll see extraordinary beauty of ice formations created by nature.

Time to visit: from 1 May until 26 October. Entrance fee is about 22 euros. You must have warm clothes and comfortable shoes with. Duration of the tour is about one and a half hours. A cable car brings visitors to the top. The nearest place to eat and rest is Dr. Oedl-Schutzhaus.

How to get there: by train from Salzburg to the town of Werfen, then by bus to the cable car station, from where to the top of Hochkogel. From Werfen Railway Station, buses depart every two hours; and every half hour from Gries Bus Station.


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