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Green Lake

Green Lake

Green Lake is one of the most unusual natural phenomena in the world. It is located in Austria, near the village of Tragos (Tragöß), at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hoshshvab.

In autumn and winter the lake depth is not more than two meters. The lake occupies at this time a small area in the center of a kind of excavation. Here broken beautiful park where you can relax from the bustle, enjoying stunning views of the mountains. With the onset of heat, gradually begin to melt ice and snow, the water level in the lake rises significantly, by an average of 3-4 meters. Every spring there are flooded lawns, paths and even park benches and bridges. Under water are small trees. In this underwater visibility is ideal, as the lake fills the crystal clear spring water. It is no wonder that this place attracts so divers. Indeed, under a layer of water can be seen incredible surreal landscapes: floating fish on benches, green grass, beautiful flowers, the air bubbles on the foliage of trees. But in late July, the water begins to evaporate slowly, and the valley becomes very dry. And next year, the magic begins again.


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