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Vienna Card – excellent when sightseeing in Vienna


In April 2014, Vienna Card, a new travel pass, was launched in the capital of Austria. It gives an opportunity of unlimited travelling by all means of public transport within 48 hours. This card costs 18.90 EUR. There’s also a card for 72 hours – 21.90 EUR. If you’re going to use public transport frequently, this will help to save money, as the average price for a ticket in Viennese public transport is 2–2.20 EUR. Besides, the card lets one your child up to 15 years old to travel for free. For kids up to 6, public transport in Vienna is free. The card can be used right after purchasing, and operates 48 or 72 hours since its first punching. A free instruction for the card’s using is enclosed.

Along with the transport benefits, the cards’ owners get discounts for visiting more than 200 museums of Vienna, as well as for tickets to concerts, theatres, and for visiting restaurants, cafes and shops. Particularly, the card is extremely useful when visiting heurigers – traditional wine-taverns, where the most recent year's wines made by local farmers are served. The card can be purchased at the tourist information desk at Albertinaplatz, at the airport, at hotels, at big metro-stations and on the official web-site.

Public transport can be effectively used for travelling around Vienna.One of the best European transport systems works here. Buses and trams, five metro lines and fast trains provide fast and comfort passengers’ delivery to famous tourist destinations, such as Schönbrunn or Albertina, the Kunsthistorisches Museum or Belvedere, as well as to other popular places of interest situated in all parts of the city and its suburbs. Passengers have a wide range of most favourable trip options for them according to time, price and comfort level. The subway is open 7 days a week from 5am till midnight. Trams and buses finish their work earlier, but there’re also night buses. Their schedule can be found on every station. On weekends, the subway works round the clock.

Among other common tickets for all means of transport there is also a 24-hour ticket for 7.10 EUR, a 48-hour ticket for 12.40 EUR, a 72-hour ticket for 15.40 EUR, a ticket for a week and many others. On Sundays, on holidays, and during school holidays, the tickets for public transport are free for kids up to 15 years old. There’re also some benefits for pensioners.

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